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#229  Custom Premium

These Unbleached Premium 4 x 8 x 4 Prefolds are waiting to be converted, or dyed, or embellished, or embroidered and then converted. They're a blank canvas, let your imagination run!

The $5 price is a deposit for the prefold and conversion, and we'll finalize pricing via email.   This slot is for up to 1 dozen customs from stock.

You'll need to decide if you'd like your diaper(s) serged, or turned and lined with another material. I have a variety of materials including Cotton Fleece and Velour, Hemp Fleece and Velour, Organic Cotton Fleece and Velour, Bamboo Fleece and Velour, Microfleece and Suedecloth to choose from in constructing your diaper.

Do you want to add a doubler made from the Prefold Material, and top it with any of the above materials? Doublers can be lay in, snap in or sewn in quick dry. Cotton Fleece, Hemp Fleece or Organic Cotton Fleece can be added to boost the absorbency of the doubler too!

Prefold Fitteds are designed to use with pins or a Snappi. If you'd like, Side Snaps or Front Aplix can be added to your diaper.


Our Price:  $5.00  

Approximate Shipping Time:
Custom Prefold Fitteds take 7 - 10 Days, Add 2 days extra if I'm dyeing for you.

Limited Quantities
There Are Currently:
3 Available
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